How to Sign up For Free Government Cell Phone Service?

Six years have passed since the great recession cloud have floated away from United States of Nation, still the evil spell casted by that period has left people in a financial unstable condition. While people were trying to get rid of all the other expenses, they could imagine their existence without a cell phone in their hand. US government here took a footstep to support them by authorizing phone companies to provide cell phones and services to tens of millions Americans free of cost.cell-phone-services

The eligibility criteria to qualify for this program vary from State to State, however the differences appear to be very minor. It is possible either by participation in the Federal or in the or in State Assistance Programs. By being part of these programs, one proves his financial insufficiency condition status. The list of universal federal assistance program almost found in every state includes:

1) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
2) Medicaid
3) National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program
4) Supplemental Security Income
5) Federal Public Housing Assistance
6) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
7) Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
8) Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
9) Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
10) Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
Now different stated have set different benchmarks to qualify for this Lifeline Program, where he can avail free phone services. Just for example the Mass Health program qualifies an individual in Massachusetts, and in California the criteria is to qualify in Women, Infants and Children Program.

The other way to enroll is based on Total Household income, which is based on earning from all the members of the family. The levels again vary from state to state some take it as 150% and some at 135%. There are couples of states taking it as 150% which includes Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas, and some of them have defined their own levels which include California, Nevada and Vermont.

With the help of this lifeline program, an individual gets a free cell phone along with 250 free minutes and texts every month. These added free minutes and texts vary from state to state. With the status of the economy falling further in America, more and more people are qualifying for this Lifeline Assistance Program.

This program is being funded by Universal Service Fund Fees on telephone bills, and provides eligible customers with free monthly telephone Service. It started as a landline program, and later on cell phones also made an entry. Today an estimated population of 15 million users are availing this free government phones services, and FCC is assisting with cheap internet facilities.

These free Service can be availed from dozens of companies in various states. One gets an option to select from various vendors comprising of various big companies such as Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and Budget Mobile to various other regional providers and various other providers which are existing in a single state.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service And Save Money On Your Phone Bill ?

The increasing phone bills can make anyone sick. Those who are opulent enough to pay their high end bills may not need a break from those bills but the unfortunate ones may need to put an end to it. If you are tired of your increasing phone bills which are making you struggle with your bread and butter, you should try the free phone service. The new government policy of handing the free phone services to the income eligible can help you.


The free phone service is started by the US government to help the residents of United States. As long as the person is the habitant of United States and is having a valid US address that is recognizable he can apply for the free phone service. This free phone service is available in many states of America. The phone will be shipped to the address mentioned in the form at the time of application. Therefore the address must be recognizable to the post office of United States.

To become eligible to apply for the free phone service, you may have to pass certain eligibility criteria. As the scheme has been developed for the poor, you cannot apply if your total household income exceeds the poverty guidelines as set by the government of your state or by Federal government. The total household income should not exceed 135% of poverty guidelines.

If any of your family members is receiving the benefits of free phone services, you cannot apply for the service. Only one person from the household is eligible to apply for the free phone service offered by the government.
The process of qualifying becomes easier if you are already a benefactor of any of the Federal assistance program or state assistance program. After applying, if you qualify to get the free phone service, you can enjoy the free calls and messages.

The free call minute and text messages depend upon the plan you select. You will get caller ID, call waiting facility and voicemail with every plan. You can also make international calls. Some plans also provide the facility of roll over. Your remaining call minutes and text messages will be rolled over to next month. Isn’t it amazing! The plan becomes activated very month. The plans are annually and you have to re-apply every year to make it work.
Though the call minutes are sufficient for any average man but if you need more call minutes you can recharge your phone any time with TracFone Airtime Card. You will get the airtime card easily at any retailers’ shop.

There is no problem of the network. The best network providers such as Verizon, T-mobile networks and AT&T are working with the government. You will get the superior quality network without hindrance.
You can enjoy the free phone service offered by the government and can save money on your phone bills. No bills, no contracts, no paper work no worries. Do happy chatting and texting with free phone services.

How to get free cell service in California?

Though California is one of the most famous and trendsetting state in USA, still there is a scope for you to get free cell phone and cell services there. This free cell services are initiated by the Government. It is not possible for many families to bear the cost of normal landlines or mobile phones; however they may need it in emergency purposes.

For these, Government started a new Lifeline Assistance Program by which one can have an access to a free mobile phone and its services. If you are at the 135% of the poverty line or a part of any federal programs like public housing, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Healthy Family Category A or SSI, then you are eligible for this program and you can easily avail the free cell service in California.

The Universal Service Funds is funding Lifeline Assistance Program. This program started a long back and has been working successfully for many years. This program was at first started with the landlines in the 1984 and according to a law amended in 1996, people who are residing in low income groups or in rural areas and also in the libraries and schools will get this free phone services. Under the Administration of Bush Lifeline program has advanced in 2005. From the year 2008, free mobile phones were distributed to everyone who fulfill the criteria and are eligible for this service.

Providers in California

There are 3 major Lifeline Assistance Service Providers in California who distributes free and inexpensive mobile phones to the people who are residing in the low income group. The providers are:
• Assurance Wireless
• Budget Mobile
• Reachout Wireless
These companies give 250 minutes free along with 250 texts every month which can be used by the people using this lifeline service. Although there are many upgraded plans to offer and that will cost a certain amount of money.

In the California there is a company named Telescape which is relatively smaller than the aforementioned 3 companies. This Telescape Company provides 1,000 minutes for call and 200 texts every month for free.

Income Limits for being eligible

For 1 to 2 members per household the annual income limit has to be $25,100 and for 3 members the limit is $29,300 and for 4 members the annual income should not cross beyond $35,400. If a household has more than 4 members then for each additional member $6,100 annually is considered.

If you fit into this annual income criteria then you can avail the lifeline assistance program for free from any one of the service providers mentioned. You also have to remember that no household is allowed to take more than one lifeline service. If FCC finds it out there are penalties and punishments for this.

Being a resident of California and fulfilling these criteria you have the right to get the free cell phone service but for that you have to provide all the certificates and proves proving your eligibility to get the service.